One of the world’s most exciting places to enjoy God’s great gift of the outdoors is Nepal. It’s no surprise that with its fantastic natural heritage, it is a big magnet for adventure sports junkies, nature lovers and botanical buffs.

A tryst with Mt Everest

Home to the world’s biggest mountain, Mt. Everest, and its attendant peaks that are ranked amongst the highest in the world, Nepal is a must visit for the sheer scale of its outdoor experiences. Up-close and personal experiences of mountaineers climbing the legendary peak are the stuff of legend. The beauty of it is that even if you are not much of a climber, you can fly to Everest Base Camp, enjoy a champagne breakfast in plain sight of the fabulous peak and wrap up the adventure with a helicopter fly past of the peaks. If you love trekking, the Sagarmatha National Park, where Everest is located, is an exceptional experience. You can either trek to Everest Base Camp, or one of the designated tourist trails in the national park.

Chitwan National Park

Considered one of the most riveting outdoor experiences, Nepal’s Chitwan National Park is in the fertile expanses of the Terai region. You can visit a Tharu settlement at the edges of the park and learn all about their unique traditions. A highly recommended adventure is the trek to Chepang village in the Mahabharat Range of Central Nepal, where you encounter some amazing ethnic experiences amongst this indigenous Nepalese community which lives here. You can then head into the forests for an exciting animal spotting safari. The vast expanses of Chitwan are home to rhinos, Bengal tigers, leopards, sloth bears, gaur, and a wealth of avifaunal species. The Jalbire Canyon in Chitwan is the becoming popular for cannoning.

Trek the Trails

Trekking along the trails legendary through forest and mountain scapes in Nepal has a sure-shot place on the travel bucket list of adrenalin junkies. An excellent option is the wide spaces of the Shivpuri Nagarjuna National Park near Kathmandu. The trail offers fabulous views of the Langtang Himalaya. The Langtang and Annapurna regions are the hottest items on global trekking rankings. While Pokhara itself has some outstanding trails to follow, it also serves as the gateway to the Annapurna region. A big hit with the serious trekker is the 21-day tour of the Annapurna Circuit, which introduces you to the most amazing vistas of the great outdoors of Nepal in all their lavish splendor. A bonus along the way is the opportunities for encounters with the diverse communities and their culture. The Annapurna Circuit is also gaining popularity as a destination for long-distance mountain biking.

Pokhara Skydiving

Pokhara is one of the prettiest places in Nepal and travelers use every opportunity to explore its natural beauty. You can learn to cook a traditional Nepalese meal with a local hostess–a lively adventure! You can follow some lovely nature trails here for a gentle hike–and you can go skydiving in Pokhara. In fact, the Everest area is the only other place in Nepal where adrenalin junkies can indulge in this thrilling sport.

Nepal is perfect for many outdoor sports activities, which can range from mountain climbing to trekking, river rafting to canoeing. Start creating your adventure sports bucket list and you’ll discover you have to come back to this lovely Himalayan country many times over to slake your thirst for the great outdoors.