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Luxury Dream Vacations

The Great Story Of Our Travel Journey

Geringer Global Travel specializes in creating custom vacations. I founded the company in 2007 as a way of sharing my passion for travel with fellow travelers by helping them create their dream trip.

My love for travel began in the late 1960s when I set off on international trips with my parents, but it originally became focused on one region in particular: the spectacularly diverse Indian Subcontinent. I have been traveling there since 1980, and have gathered a huge store of knowledge and a vast network of local contacts. The result for travelers— is access to an insider’s view of this fascinating world.

Geringer Global Travel has now expanded to other parts of the world while having a vast network of local contacts and expertise.

Susan Geringer – Founder & CEO

The Growth of Geringer Global Travel

Since its inception, Geringer Global Travel has grown to serve the increasing number of discerning clients and travel agents looking for personalized, expertly planned travel experiences. My regular jaunts around the world have helped me find off-the-beaten-path destinations, unique accommodations, superb restaurants and other hidden gems that help make trips extraordinary.

Clients regularly remark upon the one-on-one interaction with local people as a highlight of their trip: those unforgettable opportunities to have a glimpse of—or even join in—the everyday lives of locals.

Embark on a Trip with Geringer Global Travel

Whether you are a traveler looking for custom vacation packages or a travel agent, talk with an expert at Geringer Global Travel and experience the best of the Indian Subcontinent and more of the world with us.

Geringer Global Travel prides itself on listening to clients’ needs, educating them on the destinations and then meticulously planning a tailored itinerary to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Once the trip begins, clients will be well cared for while traveling. Our guides are handpicked for their skill and expertise, and our staff closely monitors each journey from start to finish. Should clients have any questions, help is only a local phone call away—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I hope you will allow Geringer Global Travel the privilege of creating an unforgettable journey for you. We can plan an extraordinary tour package and create a combination itinerary for a truly unforgettable adventure.