The cuisiCreamy butter chicken curry with basmati of India varies from region to region. One of the biggest characteristics of Indian food is that the dishes are made with locally grown fresh ingredients. Generally speaking, most of the Indian diet is vegetarian but they also make exquisite meat dishes as well.

It is a popular belief that all Indian food is spicy. While that is not true of every dish, you should know that if you are about to dine and you are asked how spicy you would like it, be honest. Most foods that Westerners consider spicy, the Indian palate recognizes as bland and even sweet. Red chili peppers are a main contributor to the heat found in traditional spicy food, because the red peppers grown in this region are significantly hotter than chili peppers grown elsewhere. Also, if you travel to the northern hills of India to the Assam region you will find the “World’s Hottest Pepper,” the Assam Chili as named by the Guinness World Records.

One of the most notable spices used in Indian food is curry. Curry is actually a blend of several different spices including ginger, cumin, coriander, turmeric, cloves and many others. Each region will have their own variety of curry powder, and while they might be different, they are equally delicious.

India has long been known for their use of spices. Other than curry, they utilize spices such as cinnamon, fennel, cardamom, nutmeg, red chili and saffron; one of the most expensive spices in the world. These spices are used in a variety of dishes, not to drown the food or make it fiery hot but, to actually enhance the natural flavors of the dish.

The Indian approach to food is not only to satisfy a hunger but also nourish the body’s wellbeing. A diet high in vegetables and low in fatty meats encourages a healthy body. The use of a variety of spices serves as flavoring and also carries natural medicinal benefits. Indians also incorporate a large amount of natural teas into their diet which carries tremendous health benefits as well.

Traditionally, Indian families treat every guest with great warmth; this usually includes a fabulous home cooked meal. If you are lucky enough to be invited into their home for a meal, be prepared for a luxury feast unlike any other.

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