If there’s one place you should choose for spending quality time with the family, away from the rhymes, rhythms and routines of your everyday life, Nepal is just the place to be. Its amazing history, heritage, culture and natural beauty offer an unimaginable plenitude of activities to pursue for all age groups and interests.

Adventure Highs

Nepal has long been acknowledged as one of the most fantastic places on earth to unleash the adventure sports lover in you. Gather together like-minded members of your family (and if some friends have also tagged along n the trip, the more the merrier) for a short trek around Nagarkot from Bhaktapur – or if you are up to it, some more ambitious options await in the Annapurna trekking circuit. The Everest Base Camp Trek along with a helicopter flypast of the great peaks is always an alluring prospect, if you are game for it. Pokhra is a magnet for its paragliding, parahawking, and white river rafting on the Trisuli River.

Sacred Spaces

At the ancient Hindu shrine of Pashupatinath, seek the blessings of Lord Shiva, even as you recapture the deepening ties that bind the Hindu community to this land in the hallowed Himalayas. Plenty of photo ops present themselves in this vibrant sacred spot which is always abustle with priests, holy men, pilgrims, devotees and visitors from around the globe. At the holy Buddhist sites of the Boudhanath and Swayambhunath turn the great wheels for the blessings of the Buddha and soak in the healing serenity. A pleasant hike takes you up 360 stone steps to Namo Manjusri peak. The tree-lined path is dotted with statues of the Buddha and small stupas.

The Art of the Craft

An irresistible opportunity to adopt new skills with for a life time awaits you in the artisan colonies of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Long renowned for their centuries-old artisanal traditions The Newari community has raised its skills of woodcarving to the realms of fantasy. Wander around the Durbar Square (s) in these three cities for an insightful understanding of why it has gained this unassailable position in the global artisanal landscape. Get a handle on the finesse of stone carving at the workshops In Bhaktapur as you use new found skills to create your very own souvenir to take home. Thangka painting is a precious and acquired skill, but under the mentorship of an expert you could produce a simple, fairly decent scroll for yourself. Savour the atmospherics of the amazing street art which is now intrinsic to the Kathmandu city experience.

Culinary Break

Though momos and thukpa still make it big on the foodie’s list you should indulge yourself in a lovely gastronomic journey in Kathmandu where menus of restaurants and cafes show up Western, Middle Eastern and regional dishes. An unmissable experience is a street food jaunt.

Kathmandu for the unabashed shopper

In Thamel, the tourist district in Kathmandu, plunge into the many delights of untempered retail therapy. In the bustling bazaar mingle with locals and tourists, chat up vendors and housewives as you ponder over giveaways. Stock up on woollies and silver jewellery emblazoned with stunning turquoise pendants. Pick up Nepalese tea and coffee just for the heck of change in your morning cuppa. Haggle over singing bowls, leather bags, statues in stone and brass. Suss out the items made from yak wool and hemp. Rest your feet in the lovely Kaiser café in the tranquil environs of the Garden of Dreams set up back in the day by a Gurkha general, a great aesthete– then return to the bazaar for more shopping!

It’s a good thing, when travelling with people who enjoy different things on a family holiday, to revel in the joy of planning it in manner where everyone gets to do at least one thing they like. You will discover in these moments that half the fun of a holiday in Nepal is planning it, as there are so many things you can do even in a week there.