Nestled cozily in the bosom of the Himalayas, Pokhara is simply an enchantress who casts her invincible spell on every visitor. The gateway city to the adventurous treks in the Annapurna region is bounteously blessed with natural beauty. The river, the hills and the whole terrain carpeted in myriad hues of green make you feel like staying forever.

Amid all the natural beauty and adventure opportunities, Pokhara is a city with a rustic charm that embraces its guests in a warm embrace of hospitality. Apart from hiking, trekking, and boating there is a plethora of experiences to be had. Cook a perfect daal bhaat, craft batik designs, weave straw baskets and enjoy copious cuppas of joe.

Nepali Cooking With Rekha:

Learn the secrets of making the perfect dal bhaat and don’t stop at that. Rekha, who also runs a foster home for children, will teach you how to make Puri, Pakauda & Aaludum, Nepali Momo (Non-veg and veg) & soup. Enjoy the meal with Rekha and her family.

The Coffee Trip

Spend a full day at a coffee plantation in Begnas, with Himalayas in the backdrop. Join the farmers in their work and learn the history of the plantation. Visit the processing centre and see the beans being roasted and powdered and enjoy the fresh pot of joe made from those beans.

Batik Workshop

Though originated from Indonesia, batik designs have taken distinctive forms in the countries where it’s being practiced now. You can learn Nepali style with Uttam. He has devised a shortcut method to do the designs faster. It’s still a delicate process that requires patience but rewards greatly once you see the finished work.

The Art of Straw Weaving

It’s an art that goes back to millennia. And it’s very much a part of Nepali culture. Learn the ropes of weaving various household things using straws from local women, right from scratch. You’ll be surprised at the deftness of these women, which came from years of practice. Take the ones you made and few others to decorate your home or to actually use it in your kitchen.