India Spa Resorts

India has long been romanticized as a place of spiritual healing and balance. Its captivating variety of landscapes is home to gems of total relaxation in the form of palaces, ashrams, resorts and spa retreats. While there are so many places to stay, heal and enjoy, we have complied a short list of a few of our favorite spa resorts and retreats.

  • Ananda Spa and Resort nestled in the majestic Himalaya mountain range has been recognized as the number one spa resort destination in all of India several times. Their peaceful palace retreat overlooking the Ganga River and the Sal forests provides the perfect location to practice their founding philosophy of returning balance to mind, body, nature and soul. This resort is renowned for their amazing customer service and activities. Ananda offers several different approaches to restore the balance in your life with yoga classes, nutritionally sound dining options, sightseeing, hiking and indulgent spa treatments. With several room layouts and amenities, the Ananda Spa Resort is highly recommended for anybody who needs to escape the stress of everyday life and come back to their natural peaceful state of being.
  • Vana Retreat in Dehradun strives to not only be a physical paradise but a destination for a person’s whole wellbeing. Vana offers several different retreat options to enhance your stay with everything ranging from luxurious spa treatments; healing, weight loss, yoga, beatification treatments, detox, stress relief and programs designed by His Holiness, the Dali Lama. While many of these programs require multiple day stays and information gathered from you before your arrival, the resort also offers peaceful relaxation for those who would just like to experience the natural beauty around them.
  • Oberoi Wildflower Hall sits high atop the Himalayan Mountains in a peaceful cedar forest of Mashobra. It was once used as the palace for Lord Kitchener but now has been renovated to become the second highest rated hotel in India. This resort offers a holistic approach to healing and vacationing allowing their guests to fully enjoy their stay. Their world renowned spa offers several different options ranging from traditional healing Ayurveda, Western treatments and ancient Eastern services that guests may experience in their luxury suites or tents. The resort also offers guided tours into the surrounding forest, water rafting and ice skating for those who wish to enjoy the beauty around them.


Wildflower Hall

Credit to Oberoi Wildflower Hall


  • Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa is a marvelous beach resort located on the gorgeous coast of South Goa. This resort is designed with the inspiration of the peaceful spa experience. It features the largest resort pool in India, a children’s camp, nearby shopping and an award winning spa. Patrons can expect to be swept away in the beauty of the resort’s spa that offers holistic Ayurveda treatments blended with yoga to achieve a total body rejuvenating experience.
  • Devigarh Resort and Spa is a palace located just outside the busy city of Udaipur. This heritage resort seamlessly blends the Indian old world charm with the modern contemporary feeling of a luxury resort. Every room is a suite and offers spectacular views of the perfectly manicured gardens and surroundings, in room spa baths, tea services and private balconies and gardens. The staff at Devigarh use traditional spa treatments blended with local natural ingredients to form an unforgettable journey into relaxation and wellbeing.  It also offers authentic Indian excursions to enhance the spa experience making this resort a vacation like no other.


Credit to Devigarh Resort and Spa

Credit to Devigarh Resort and Spa


  • Leela Palace located on the banks of the Pichola Lake in Udaipur offers a perfect place to unwind. With sweeping views of the lake and Aravalli mountain range, this resort goes above and beyond to offer a luxurious resort feeling. The onsite spa offers healing traditional Indian therapy, couples massages, holistic body massage, pedicures and customizable treatment options. The resort also offers a conjunction of spa treatments and spiritual enlightenment exercises to ensure maximum results of your vacation all while taking place in the luxury of your private suite.
  • Shreyas Retreat in Bangalore is run as a traditional ashram with a modern spin to it. Guests are invited to attend daily yoga classes and chanting while consuming a vegetarian diet void of alcohol and other toxins while performing community service. However, this resort also boasts a very therapeutic spa. It uses the traditional Ayurveda massages which are comprised of long strokes in different poses, Sarvangadhara massage that includes rhythmic movements with medicated oils and patra pinda Sweda massages that use pain relieving herbs with the movements. This resort is recommended for anyone who would like to use their vacation to reach for spiritual wellness as well as an unforgettable pampering session.


Credit to Shreyas Retreat

Credit to Shreyas Retreat

  • Hilton Shillim near Pune is set in the idyllic Sayadri Mountian range on a 3,500 pristine private acres. Guests of the Hilton Shillim can expect to enjoy the most extensive spa in all of Asia with over 80 different treatments. The spa alone takes up 70 acres of the property and is home to an expansive relaxation center, a meditation cave and 17 treatment rooms. While most area spas only offer yoga and Ayurveda healing, this resort goes beyond with low impact martial arts led by Masters, acupuncture, Reiki and Naturopathy massages. This hotel is recommended for anyone who would like to get away from the stress of the world and celebrate one of the Shillim’s founding philosophy of “celebrating the gift of life.”
  • The SwaSwara Resort in Gokarna is a beachside resort located on the famed Om Beach. The natural beauty of its surroundings as well as the hotel itself inspires deep spiritual healing and enlightenment. The hotel offers yoga clinics, pottery lessons, private beach access and several marvelous meditation areas. The spa offers very knowledgeable masseurs who are prepared to pamper you with a wide arrange of services from a deep tissue massages to Ayurveda oil treatments and everything in between. The SwaSwara is definitely off the beaten path of the normal tourist vacation but the views and the location make this an absolutely amazing vacation for those who are searching for a relaxing and memorable time.


Credit to Swaswara

Credit to Swaswara Resort


  • The Royal Spa at ITC Mughal in Agra finds itself located close to the famous Taj Mahal Palace. The building itself has become a destination for those who are interested in the Mughal Empire and their abundantly opulent legacy.  The spa offers services that were once reserved for Royalty themselves. It incorporates the balance of the outdoor beauty and the inner spiritual journey seamlessly by providing treatments in special rooms that invite the light in but provide modern amenities as well. The spa services include decadent sugar scrubs made of pomegranate and lime, beauty and skin treatments made of local natural ingredients and a couples massage that is designed to mirror the luxury and romance of the surrounding city and palace.

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