Sri Lanka is a treasure trove of wonders.  There is much more to see, much more to explore, and much, much more to experience. Adventure, spirituality, culture, history, plantation life, food, and drinks – our carefully handpicked experiences offer a fun mix of the best provincial experience.

So, get set for amazing things to do through the heart and soul of Sri Lanka.

Trees, Waterfalls, Hill, and Valleys

What’s travel without a smidgen of adventure. Go for early morning walks through rainforests in the southern province and have fun spotting wildlife. Carry your swimwear because you might discover hidden waterfalls or pools and would want to take a dip. Adventurous or not, one cannot let these experiences slip away.

You will be surprised to find relics and remains of centuries-old civilizations in these dense forests. Take your time to marvel at the natural and historic wonders in the wilderness.

The Art of Plantation Life

Ceylon tea is world-renowned for its refreshing variety and tastes. Now see how those magical blends are made from the sprawling plantations in the southern province.

And it is not just tea, Sri Lankan cinnamon and rubber are also widely exported across the world. Each crop needs distinctive care, and you can watch and learn the process up close. While you are at it, also join in with the workers doing the various chores.

We suggest cycling through the villages adjacent to these plantations and enjoy the rural atmosphere. As a bonus enjoy sumptuous vegetarian lunches made from local produce and of course the copious amounts of tea you can have during the expedition. And yes, learn some recipes and show your exotic culinary skills back home.

Rhythm is Gonna Get You

Life is full of colors everywhere in Sri Lanka. People enjoy the simple pleasures of life and music is a great part of its vibrant culture.

Sri Lanka’s percussion arts date back to 2000 years. True fact. It is played during all stages in the circle of life and of course during every celebratory occasion. The infectious rhythms will get your foot tapping and heart pounding. And if you wish to try your hands, you certainly can. Not only that you can also see this instrument is made from scratch. If you get the beats right, you might want to take a drum back home to hone the new-found skill.

Spiritual Sojourn

Spirituality is the cornerstone of Sri Lankan culture. Wherever you, go you will find temples and monasteries, ancient and modern. You might spot ruins of ancient temples during your forest trips. You will find these spiritual abodes while cycling through villages or towns.

And it is not just man-made structures that are offered spiritual intrigue. There are centuries-old trees that are considered holy by Buddhists across the world. You are welcome to take a break from the worldly woes and engage in some soul-searching. Your spiritual or religious inclinations do not matter.