Spiritual and Wellness Nepal Itinerary

12 Days 11 Nights

Itinerary Overview

This 12 – day spiritual and wellness Nepal itinerary includes praying at monasteries, meeting a lama and monks, meditation and yoga, Reiki and meditation session, an interactive session with a tantric and shaman, and visiting Namo Buddha Monastery. You will also see the sites, hike, and if you want participate in white water rafting.

Day 1 Arrive Kathmandu

Arrive Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport. Meet, assist, and transfer to the hotel in Boudhnath also known as the mini Tibet of Nepal.

Check into the hotel.

Late afternoon, walk to Bouddhnath Stupa. A lama will welcome you with a khada. Visit a monastery for prayers. Receive a blessing from a senior lama and interact with him to learn about Buddhism in Nepal.

Evening is reserved for a Tibetan dinner with a monk.

Hotel: Tibet International Hotel
Day 2 Bhaktapur

Early morning, join an expert for a meditation and yoga class at Boudhnath Stupa or at the hotel premises.

After breakfast, check out and drive to Bhaktapur. En route visit Thimi, a Newar village, best-known as the largest pottery village in Nepal.

On arrival in Bhaktapur, check into the hotel.

Explore Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is the marvel of Kathmandu Valley and perhaps the most popular of the three Newar towns of the Kathmandu Valley. Fourteen kilometers east of Kathmandu, this peaceful, conservative town stands in sharp contrast to the bustle of its two adjacent cities. The kings of Bhaktapur ruled over Kathmandu and Patan from the 12th century to the 14th century.

Evening is reserved for an interactive session with a Tantric to gain insight into the history and basics of Tantra worship and how this is practiced.

Hotel: Hotel Heritage
Day 3 Namo Buddha

Early morning, meet a Newari woman to perform the morning prayer and rituals.

Afterwards, enjoy a leisure breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast, check out and drive to Namo Buddha. Arrive at the resort, check in and enjoy lunch.

In the afternoon, walk to the Namo Buddha Monastery and be received by the monk to attend the evening prayers at the monastery.

Interaction with a Shaman

Shamans are found throughout Nepal and are called, “Dhami” or “Jhankri”. In most parts of rural Nepal, even to this date, people are dependent on the shamans for disease, drought, floods, infertility, family and community disputes, appeasing deities, etc. Shamans have their own personal paraphernalia, sacred objects, drums to accompany their sacred chants and dances while they sit in a trance to heal their patients.

Hotel: Namo Buddha Resort
Day 4 Patan

Wake up early to witness the sunrise over the Himalayas. Later, drive to the monastery for morning prayers and meditation.

After breakfast, drive to Patan (approx. 2 hrs).

On arrival, check into the hotel.

Set out for a sightseeing tour of ancient Patan also known as Lalitpur or the city of fine arts. It is full of Hindu temples and Buddhist monuments.

Visit Patan Durbar Square situated in the heart of the city. The square is full of ancient palaces, temples and shrines noted for their exquisite carvings. The Patan Durbar consists of three main chowks or courtyards, the central Mul Chowk, Sundari Chowk, and Keshav Chowk. The Sundari Chowk holds in its center a masterpiece of stone architecture, the Royal Bath called Tushahity.

Meet the Kumari of Patan and receive a tikka and a blessing. The Kumaris (girls) are revered in the community of Newar. It is believed that they have the ability to heal the sick (particularly those suffering from blood disorders) and grant blessings of protection and prosperity.

The next stop is the Singing Bowl Master for sound therapy. Sound therapy treatments with Himalayan singing bowls and gongs combine deep relaxation or meditation with subtle sensations felt all over the body. Healing frequencies can give you exactly what you need at the particular moment: creative solutions, artistic inspirations, a good night sleep, relaxation, inner peace, pain relief or they can just lift you up and make you cheerful and energized. Sound therapy can trigger feelings of de-materialization, floating, process of rejuvenation (when you have ecstatic feeling of fullness and life energy), inner peace, timelessness and feeling of your consciousness not being bound only to your body.

Vibration is known to have an analgesic effect and is often used in the treatment of chronic pain. Studies suggest that vibration might interfere with the transmission of pain signals from various parts of the body to the central nervous system.

Hotel: Timila Hotel
Day 5 Pokhara

After breakfast, check out of the hotel and drive to Pokhara (approx. 6 hrs).

Optional: White Water rafting on the Trishuli River

The Trishuli River is considered a white – water sports destination of Nepal due to its easy accessibility. It is an excellent river for those who are looking for a rafting trip without the risk and challenge of big rapids with its beautiful scenery, peaceful environment, and wonderful local cultural activities. In the monsoon season, water volume level rises up so the strength of the rapids increases and attracts challenging rafters. The river flows down through massive gorges in the southern direction and cuts its way through the 2,000 meter – high Mahavarat Range.

Arrive Pokhara and check into the hotel.

Evening is free to stroll around the colorful lakeside market.

Hotel: Temple Tree Resort
Day 6 Dhampus

Early in the morning drive to the Peace Stupa for yoga and meditation.

Afterwards, enjoy breakfast at the hotel and check out to leave for Phedi (approx. 30 minutes).

On reaching Phedi start the trek through a pleasant uphill trail before the trail levels out. Pass by many cultural hamlets and their hill terraced traditional farmland. Make your final climb to reach Dhampus (1,700 m) and walk further to your tea house. The trek is about 2.5 hours.

Lunch will be at the tea house.

Later take a leisurely stroll around the village to learn about the Gurung culture.

After sunset, attend the Reiki and meditation session with an expert.

Dinner is at the tea house.

Hotel: Tea House
Day 7 Astam

Early morning, enjoy your yoga and meditation session with an expert.

Breakfast is at the tea house and then walk downhill passing through old houses.

Between Dhampuskot and Astamkot, there were two more kots: Hemza kot and Jaykot. It is said that these villages were used for storing weapons at the time of baise and chaubise rajyas.

After entering the Jayakot Baraha jungle, you will see a walnut tree and another species of tree called Nigala (Bamboo) in Dhital village. Nigala is used for making doko, nanglo, and dalo in villages. Hemzakot is the last village before reaching Hananoie in Astam.

Arrive Hananoie and check into the resort.

In the late afternoon, visit the local house to interact with the villagers.

After sunset have another session of Reiki and meditation with an expert.

Dinner is at Hananoie.

Hotel: Hananoie, A Permaculture Resort
Day 8 Pokhara

In the morning, enjoy a yoga and meditation session with an expert.

Visit the village temple and witness the locals offering their prayers.

After breakfast, hike down to the Milan Chowk (approx. 1.5 hrs) where you will be met by the driver for your transfer to Pokhara.

En route visit the Tibetan refugee camp and the monastery.

On arrival at Pokhara, check into the hotel and spend the rest of the day at leisure.

Hotel: Temple Tree Resort
Day 9 Kathmandu - Sundarijal

After breakfast, drive to Kathmandu and further to Sundarijal (approx. 7 hrs).

Arrive Sundarijal and check into the Drikung Kagyu Rinchen Ling Monastery.

Follow the schedule assigned by the monastery.

Dinner is at the monastery.

Hotel: Sundarijal Monastery
Day 10 SundariJal Monastery

Follow the schedule assigned by the monastery.

Hotel: Sundarijal Monastery
Day 11 Kathmandu

After breakfast, check out of the monastery and drive to the Pashupatinath Temple.

Pasupatinath Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu. It is not known for certain when Pashupatinath Temple was founded but its existence dates back to 400 A.D. According to Nepal Mahatmaya and Himvatkhanda, the deity here gained great fame there as Pasupati, the Lord of the animals. The richly-ornamented pagoda houses the sacred linga or holy symbol of Lord Shiva. Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world come to pay homage to this temple that is also known as ‘The Temple of Living Beings’.

Meet and interact with Aghori Sadhus at the temple.

Afterwards, drive to Kathmandu and check into your hotel.

Afternoon is at leisure or you can explore the Thamel area.

Hotel: Tibet International Hotel
Day 12 Departure

After breakfast, check out of the hotel and transfer in your private car to Kathmandu International airport to connect for the flight for the onward destination.