Wonders of Ecuador and Colombia Itinerary

15 Days 14 Nights

Itinerary Overview

This 14 – night itinerary combines the two countries of Ecuador and Colombia. The itinerary combines culture, history and outdoor adventure, cities, the Amazon rainforest and beaches. Enjoy hiking, white – water rafting and para gliding. Meet local people, visit markets and take a food tour.

Day 1 Arrive Quito

Private transfer from the airport to your hotel in Quito.

Hotel: Illa Experience Hotel
Day 2 Quito

After breakfast, take a Quito historical city and Middle of the World tour. With this historical city tour, explore the beautiful colonial center of Quito. Your first stop is the Basilica Church, considered to be one of the most important pieces of neo – gothic architecture in Ecuador. The tour continues to Plaza Grande also called Independence Square, to admire its historical buildings, which includes the Presidential Palace, the Cathedral, and the Archbishop’s Palace. Walk through the lively colonial streets of the old town to visit other historical highlights, such as the famous Compañia church with its interior covered with gold. Finally, visit Panecillo Hill, from where you will have an amazing view over the city and see the contrast between colonial and modern Quito from above.

After lunch, head out of the city to visit the Middle of the World, where the equator line meets the prime meridian and the coordinates indicate point 0° 0’ 0”. This unique location allows you to stand in both hemispheres next to the Middle of the World monument and play with gravity in the adjacent interactive museum.

Hotel: Illa Experience Hotel
Day 3 Quito – Coca

After breakfast, private transfer from your hotel to the airport.

After a short (35 minute) flight to Coca, you will be met by a representative of La Selva Amazon Ecolodge, who will welcome you to Coca, help you with your luggage and transfer you to the pier, where the motorized canoe will be waiting. La Selva Lodge is located in the heart of the amazon basin. There are no roads to reach the lodge so a ride of about two hours from Coca is by motorized canoe.

The canoe is covered, in case of inclement weather such as rain or strong sunshine. The ride itself is fun and interesting. You will have a box lunch on the ride. The motorized canoe cannot go into the lagoon where the lodge is located, so you will disembark on the river for a short walk and a ride in another, smaller canoe.

Your luggage will be handled for you. Once you reach the lodge, there is a welcome drink and brief orientation meeting. During dinner, your guide will discuss with you the activities for the following day.

After dinner, depending on the weather, there may be a short activity such as a night wildlife walk or canoe ride near the lodge to see some wildlife. Or you can relax in the lounge with a cold drink from the bar or have a soothing massage in the spa!

Hotel: La Selva Amazon Ecolodge
Day 4 Coca

Breakfast is served early because there is so much to see and do. There are a number of activities that you might do, including a visit to the parrot clay lick, a trip to a local community, or an excursion to the observation tower to see birds and monkeys.

What activity you do will depend on many factors, including weather and what you want to do. If you do not wish to do a morning activity, you are under no obligation to do so.

After lunch, take a nap or read a book during the hottest hours of the day. Afternoon activities tend to be more low-key than morning ones. You might go for a canoe ride around the lagoon, take a short trail to hopefully see pygmy marmosets, or visit the nearby butterfly farm if it is raining very hard.

Again, the activity will be decided by you and the guide depending on weather conditions. A gourmet dinner awaits you in the dining room as afternoon turns into evening.

Hotel: La Selva Amazon Ecolodge
Day 5 Coca

Breakfast is served early because there is so much to see and do.

Again, you can choose what activities you would like to do for the day.

Hotel: La Selva Amazon Ecolodge
Day 6 Coca – Quito

Although you must depart the lodge early in order to get to Coca in time for your flight, breakfast will be served before you leave. You’ll go out the way you came: a canoe ride, followed by a short walk, and then a two-hour ride on the motorized canoe to Coca.

Once you reach Coca, you will be taken to the airport and upon arrival in Quito, you will be transferred to your hotel.

Hotel: EB Quito
Day 7 Quito – Bogota

After breakfast, transfer from your hotel to the airport. Upon arrival in Bogota, transfer to your hotel.

Hotel: Four Seasons Casa Medina
Day 8 Bogota

After breakfast, take a bike tour of Candelaria. Discover the colorful history and culture of La Candelaria, with its theaters and nightlife, taste tropical fruits, cruise through Bogotá’s many parks, witness its surprising urban renewal and get to know some of the people and colorful neighborhoods of Colombia’s capital on a bike.

In the morning, visit Paloquemao market, the most important and biggest market in the city, that is specialized in the sale of aromatic plants, spices and flowers. Besides this, you will find fruits, vegetables and typical Colombian food as well.

The Tejo game is probably one of the most authentic games of the Colombian culture. The origin of Tejo is pre-Colombian. The Colombian native indigenous people used to play Tejo as a ritual long before the Spaniards arrived in the 16th century. Back in the days, the natives played it with discs made of gold and competed according to the legend for the love of a woman. One had to throw a golden disc as close as possible into a golden ring located at a certain distance. As it is the game with the longest tradition in Colombia, it has become a national sport nowadays. The today’s Tejo game includes gunpowder and usually a lot of beer, and the modern discs (tejo) are made of metal. The ring is located in a corner filled with clay and decorated with papers filled with gunpowder. This makes it the most explosive and funny game in Colombia. This tour is a way to get closer to the Colombian culture and having a lot of fun.

Hotel: Four Seasons Casa Medina
Day 9 Bogota – Barichara

After breakfast, transfer from your hotel to the airport in Bogota for your flight to Bucaramanga. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel in Barichara.

On an exciting tour, you will see Curiti by paragliding. Comfortably sit in a two – person seat of a gliding parachute with a professional pilot and fly around 20-30 minutes above the beautiful nature of Curiti. For sure, this will be an unforgettable experience as you pass above green forests and mountains in the background. There is even an air bag system to soften the landing. Para gliding is subject to weather conditions.

Hotel: Casa Oniri
Day 10 Baricha

Breakfast is at the hotel.

Bring along your sense of adventure for rafting in the exhilarating rapids of the Suarez River. The route length is 15 km and a difficulty level of IV and V.

Afterwards, explore La Vaca cave with a humid environment and darkness path for an hour and a half.

Hotel: Casa Oniri
Day 11 Barichara – Giron

After breakfast, walk along the cobblestone path to Guane, a little village with a rich archaeological history. Once in Guane, visit a small museum which houses an important collection of aquatic fossils, a Guane mummy, and a variety of other treasures from both the colonial and contemporary periods. Admire the archaeological pieces from different indigenous cultures in Colombia housed in the Guane Museum. While visiting the monument to the independence heroes, learn the story on how the colony started not far from here in Socorro, known as the Cradle of the Independence.

Hotel: Chill Out Boutique
Day 12 Giron - Bucaramanga - Cartagena - Islas del Rosario y de San Bernardo

After breakfast, visit Chicamocha park and cross one of the deepest canyons in the world from one side to the other in a cable car.

Take a domestic flight from Bucaramanga to Cartagena. Transfer by boat for 45 minutes from Cartagena to the hotel which is a place to rest in the middle of nature, facing a turquoise sea with white sand beaches.

Hotel: Las Islas hotel
Day 13 Islas del Rosario y de San Bernardo

Today is a free day on the Rosario Islands. The Rosario Islands consist of 27 islands and 20 hectares of coral islands and reefs. Some are swampy and consist mainly of mangrove and coconut trees. Explore the impressive, beautiful landscapes of Islas Del Rosario with its clear waters and gentle breezes. Get enchanted by dolphins and other mammals, which enrich the natural beauty of the islands.

Hotel: Las Islas hotel
Day 14 Islas del Rosario y de San Bernardo – Cartagena - Bogota

After breakfast, transfer by rapid boat from Las Islas hotel to Cartagena harbor. Private transfer from the harbor to the walled city in Cartagena.

Next, enjoy a street food tour. Bring your appetites and an adventurous attitude. Hit the streets to experience food the way Cartageneros do. Whether you are searching for a stopover snack or something more substantial, a healthy start or a sweet dessert, Cartagena’s streets provide you with everything. One of the very best ways to gain an insight into the daily lives and culture of the locals is to experience their culinary culture. The 2 – hour tour will get you up close and personal with the real Cartagena as the street vendors fill your bellies with their delicacies and warm your hearts with their hospitality.

Afterwards, transfer to the airport for your flight from Cartagena to Bogota. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel.

Hotel: Four Seasons Casa Medina
Day 15 Bogota – Departure

Private transfer from your hotel to the airport in Bogota.